Friday, July 21, 2017


I am pleased to introduce the newest member of my household: 

Kira is 8 weeks old. She loves to climb. I frequently feel her little claws shimmying up my pant leg and before I know it, she is perched on my shoulder. Her favorite activities are playing, getting into trouble, and biting fingers or toes. 

Her favorite toy is a crocheted yarn ball. Her favorite foods are tuna and milk, but she will eat sweet potato on occasion and likes cabbage more than I expected. 

She currently resides in my laundry room, but she is gradually overcoming a fear of the great outdoors. Hopefully she’ll turn out to be a good mouser in the future.

Until then, she makes a great neck warmer. 


  1. ... but what do you do for the litterbox?

    1. Box of good old-fashioned, all natural, locally-resourced dirt

  2. Yay...everyone needs a kitty! Yippie! Great company! So happy for you!