Friday, September 8, 2017

Going Home

A few months ago, I shared a story about a crazy day when we had many procedures and sick patients. One of those patients, known as trauma guy “T”, is going home today!

Thomas was one of three pedestrians struck by a truck almost 2 months ago. One of his companions died before reaching the hospital. Thomas had femur fractures in both legs, a pelvic fracture, and severe internal bleeding that required emergency surgery. His course was rocky over the first few days and we weren’t sure if he would survive. He really needed intensive care that we don’t have here. By God’s grace, he turned a corner. After several surgeries for his legs, he started the long road to recovery. Without a physical therapist or a rehab center where we can send him, he has remained in the hospital making slow but steady progress towards regaining mobility. I am happy to report that he is now walking (with assistance) and ready to head home. 
Please continue to pray for Thomas as he recuperates and transitions back to home life. Pray that this experience will increase his faith. He recognizes that God spared his life and he had many opportunities to hear the good news during his 2 months at the hospital. Please continue to pray that we, the hospital staff, may shine the light of Christ to each patient we treat. 

(Patient name and picture shared with permission)

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