Saturday, October 28, 2017

Getting Crafty

Many people ask if I have free time and what I like to do in my spare time. Although it varies week to week, I do find plenty of time to rest, hang out with friends, and play sports. Even though I have traveled half way around the world, my love of all things crafts has not changed. I was quite excited to find an ample supply of yarn in myriad colors available here. 

The local ladies are quite adept at making “bilums” (bags) that are hand-woven in various sizes, shapes and colors.

I prefer to use the yarn in knitting and crochet projects.  Since color-work is my forte, it works out perfectly. 

I have made several hats to thank some of my national friends for helping me with language learning, gardening, etc.

Kira is also enjoying a few homemade toys.

It is fun to be able to give back to my PNG friends who have given so much to me.

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