Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Babies, Babies Everywhere

Delivery ward

Kudjip Nazarene Hospital is always busy, but lately the delivery ward has been crazier then ever. Last year (2018) set a new record with 3,019 deliveries (including 376 c-sections), up 500 deliveries from the year prior. This year promises to be another baby boom as labor and delivery is averaging 7-9 deliveries a day. This past weekend, the 30-bed ward was overflowing with at least 10 patients sleeping on the floor. Thankfully the current hospital expansion project is slated to double the delivery ward capacity. The new building has been erected, but the connection between the two and all the internal fixtures are still being constructed. Please pray for God to provide beds for the new delivery ward once construction is finished. 
New wing of delivery ward
under construction

The Nursery is also busy with several recent sets of twins and a set of triplets that I helped Dr. Susan deliver this past week. The three girls are doing well, but number two is having a little trouble breast feeding and number three had a very low birth weight, so they are still in the nursery. Please pray for them and their mother, Cathy (who has three other children at home). Babies in PNG typically aren’t named until 1-2 months of age, but for now I’m calling them Faith, Hope and Love because I pray these three will remain strong for years to come. 


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